Henderson County North Middle School is a 2015-16 Distinguished and High Performing  School - Go North Nation! #CadetStrong

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Scholastic Book Fair


is coming to NMS!!

March 16 – 22


We need parent volunteers!!!


If you can come in any of those days, we

would really appreciate it!!


If interested, please call Ms. Carlisle at 270-831-5060

with the days and times you would like to work,

and we will put together a schedule.


This is a major fundraiser to buy books, so we

would really appreciate your help!!



Sureway Stamps = Good Things for Our Students!!!


NMS is now collecting Sureway stamps!


The funds you help us raise will do the following things for our kids:


  • Give needy kids yearbooks!!


  • Feed families at Thanksgiving!!


  • Buy library books!!



You can paste them on our cards at all three Sureway locations, deliver them to the front desk, or have your student

bring them to the Library Media Center.

 Sureway                200 stamps earn us $10.00

If we average 50 stamps per student by the end

of the year, we would have $2000 dollars

to spend on books!!
Thanks to you and your parents!!!

This is the Top 20 list for midterm for this semester.


  1. Hanna Nunn                          344.6
  2. Jacob Perkins                       164.8
  3. David Kidd                             125.4
  4. Stacey Fisher                        113.5
  5. Shayna Conley                      106.9
  6. Haydee Ortegon                    103.9
  7. Jeremy Craddock                 102.6
  8. Olivia Cox                                95.5
  9. Haleigh Richmond                  93.4
  10. Stephan J. McGuire               73.6
  11. Alexandria Tibbs                    72.7
  12. Makayla Coomes                    70.3
  13. Noah Whitmore                       69.0
  14. Braxton L. Moss                     54.2
  15. Lucas Green                            52.4
  16. Madeline Pendergraft            50.7
  17. Scotlyn Vaughn                      49.0
  18. Madison Medley                     47.3
  19. Jordan Justice                       44.8
  20. Matthew Blair                         44.6